Coastal Baseball Park
Welcome to the homepage of Coastal Baseball. Coastal Baseball is a Baseball League located in Houston, Texas and is home to Adult Baseball, Summer College Baseball and Semi-Pro Baseball 11 months out of the year. 2021 will mark the 14th year of Coastal Baseball. Coastal Baseball Parks are located on the Beltway 8 feeder in between Telephone and Mykawa.
What is Coastal Park? Coastal Baseball Park is two private full size baseball fields located in Houston, Tx.
Coastal Baseball Park sits on 17 acres and is the Southernmost piece of property in Harris County.

Coastal Park borders the Mykawa Railroad Track to the West, Highway 35/Telephone Road to the East, Beltway 8 to the North, Clear Creek to the South. It is the Southmost piece of property in the City of Houston/Harris County. Clear Creek is the dividing line between Brazoria County. It is located at 7320 South Sam Houston Parkway East, Houston Tx 77075.

It adjoined by Beltway 8 to the North. Abandoned Forbes Road to the East. The Mykawa Train Track to the West and Clear Creek the South. Bredero Pipeyard is the large pipeyard to the south. Clear Creeks is the division of Pearland and Houston and Brazoria and Harris Counties. Which directly in between 288 and I-45 on the south side of Beltway 8 in between Telephone and Mykawa on the Telephone side of the Railroad Tracks. The field is easy to get to from anywhere, 20 minutes from Downtown Houston, 20 minutes from League City, 20 minutes from SugarLand, 10 minutes from Pasadena, and 2 minutes from Pearland and Hobby Airport.
Coastal Baseball Park hosted its first game in May 2008 between the Houston Apollos and Alemeds Academy. The original field dimensions were 331 to left field, 408 to center field, 315 to right field. The winds blow constantly from the Gulf of Mexico current. 90% of the time the wind blows in strong from right field, when the wind blows from the north games turn into home run derby quickly.

Coastal Baseball Park Timeline

October 2007-A decision is made and construction begins on the first Coastal Baseball Park. After the huge amounts of rain in 2007 that canceled most of the summer seasons field turf is chosen as the surface. The Field Turf was acquired from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. An all turf infield with a portable mound and no cutouts around the bases. At the time the only turf field in Houston was Big League of Dreams which cutout homeplate dirt area.
April 2008-An infield is installed and games and a season are scheduled for Summer 2008. The outfield is hydro-mulched.
May 2008-May 2008-First game is played between Baytown Outlaws and Houston Apollos.
June 2008-Inaugural Coastal Baseball League is held which is an NBC Sanctioned League with six teams. (Houston Apollos, League City Hornets, Southside Sox, Alemeds Academy, Texas Blaze and Houston Diamondbacks). At the same time as the Coastal Baseball Field was being built a field was being built in Dickinson called Deats Park. The NBC League split games between the two parks. Future MLB Star Anthony Rendon played briefly in the league with the Mykawa Hawks.
August 2008-The InAugural Coastal World Baseball Classic is Held with Mexico taking home the title.
September 2008-Hurricane IKE Destroys all fencing and work of Coastal Park just six days before the start of Fall Season. The turf is damaged.
October 2008-Coastal Baseball Adult League is launched all teams are required to play with wooden bats. The Houston Bengals and Houston Apollos rise as the best teams.
May 2009-Coastal Baseball Park becomes home to Coastal Kingfish a last second replacement travel team in the Continental Baseball League. Coastal is their practice field Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday as the team plays road games Thur-Sundays.
May 2009-The Coastal Baseball College Summer League adds Westchase Express and Katy Collegians as expansion teams.
May 2009-The Coastal Baseball Summer City League has its best season ever. Teams are the Orioles, Rangers, Metro Astros, Bengals and Katy Braves.
September 2009- Construction begins on back field that will be called Black Field. It has elevation 5 feet higher than the front field. The field faces north and despite a large center field balls carry much better than the front field.
August 2011-The Houston Apollos won the 2011 Stan Musial by going 4-0 in the qualifier and winning all games by one run.
March 2012-The Pecos Spring League Developmental League hosts its inaugural season at Coastal Park. The Coastal Kingfish was the only team in the Spring League and they played a schedule in Coastal Baseball League where they did not go .500
March 2013The Pecos Spring League Developmental League hosts its 2nd year and this includes casting for Pecos League Reality Show. The Crew test the Pecos Spring League as they are looking for a lead star for their Pecos League Reality Show. The Casting Crew unanimously selects JD Droddy as star of the show. JD Droddy was made for the screen. He goes on to appear in both the New York Times.
May 20132013 Coastal Baseball Summer League has its best season with 12 teams.
March 2014The Pecos Spring League has great year with Garden of Gears, Galveston Sea Lions, Houston Apollos and Coastal Kingfish. Games are also played at Christy Park in South Houston.
May 2014The Coastal Baseball League acquires the wall pads from Cinergy Field as the Reds replace the pads with new pads.
March 2015 The Pecos Spring League has great year with Garden of Gears, Galveston Sea Lions, Houston Apollos and Coastal Kingfish.
August 2015 Westchase Express wins the 2015 Stan Musial World in Farmingdale, New York. Westchase had a dominant season in the Coastal Baseball League losing only one game.
March 2016 The Pecos Spring League expanded to 5 teams adding the Ohio Wranglers. It was another great year
August 2016 Houston Lobos won the summer 2016 Coastal Tournament, The Houston Apollos won the regular season crown.
March 2017 The Pecos Spring League had a solid year with Apollos and Galveston fighting until the end.
March 2017 At the conclusion of the Spring the Houston Apollos played two games against the Tijuana Toros from the Mexican Major Leagues in Tucson at Kino. This was the highest level of baseball ever played in Coastal Baseball or by any of its teams. The Toros featured 7 Ex Major League players including Jorge Cantu and 14 AAA Players.
April 2017 Veteran Arm Warms Up in Pecos Spring League Roy Merritt has interview with KHOU in Houston.
May 2017 The Salina Stockade replaced the Laredo Lemurs two weeks before the season. The Stockade held their tryouts and Spring Training at Coastal Park before opening the season in Wichita.
August 2017 Houston Lobos won the summer 2017 Coastal Tournament, The Houston Apollos won the regular season crown.
March 2018 The Pecos Spring League has its best year ever with 6 teams and the Salina Stockade winning the league.
August 2018 Mark Uribe of the Houston Hotshots hit a walk off 10th inning homerun to defeat the Houston Lobos and win the Coastal 2018 Summer Tournament.
April 2019 KHOU Channel 11 features story of the Pecos Spring League's Test Game. It was final game of year and Coastal Baseball Park's mound was moved back to 62.5 feet from 60.6 standard distance.
April 2020 The Pecos League announces a central division with 4 teams playing in Houston only due to COVID restrictions.
May 2020 Coastal Baseball Park Installs a 12 foot high fence in left field replacing the "TEXT RED FOR SAFETY AND SERVICE" 4 foot sign that had served as left field fence for 7 years.
June 2020 Grandson of MLB legend plays in relocated Pecos League
August 2020The Tucson Saguaros win the Pecos League Championship going 26-4 The Entire season was played at Coastal Baseball Parks black field
September 2020 The Front Field know as Coastal Baseball Blue is renovated. The Blue turf is removed and the infield gets new turf which is a combination of green turf from U of H's XFL Field and the Baylor Bears Yellow End Zones. The playing surface is majorly improved. The field goes to an artifical mound.
October 2020 The Coastal Baseball announces the return of the Coastal City League. A Semi-Pro/Men's league in the fall. Nine teams enter including two Cuban Teams and it is the best talent of Men's League assembled in Houston. The Texas Twins High School team makes the final four as well as the Aztecas and the Hotshots. Team Cuba goes undefeated to win the regular season title.
January 2021 The 2nd World Baseball Classic is scheduled to be held January 9-10 in Houston at Coastal Baseball Park. Teams from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Nicaragua will square off in the Classic.
  • November 2014-Coastal Black has to resurfaced after several Hurricanes and Floods. Jeremy Archer takes up the turf on the black field and flees. This left Coastal with only the Front Field for 11 months including the entire 2014 summer season Originally the park featured an artifical mound, but this was replaced in Summer of 2009 with a clay mound. The Fieldturf on the blue field was the University of Arkansas Football Field in Little Rock. The first field was started in Fall of 2007 and completed in Summer of 2008 faces Southeast is 323 to Left, 386 to center, 315 to right.

    On Sundays, Cole's Flea Market in Pearland will make traffic very difficult to navigate from the West or North. Coastal Baseball Park was originally supposed to be a bridge to get trucks in and out of Beltway 8 and prevent the long delays of going around the railroad tracks of Mykawa Road. The land was previously owned in 2007 by FREEWAY BAPTIST CHURCH. In 1996 Beltway 8 was built however making landlocked properties and abandoned properties have huge value, The land had been given to Freeway Baptist Church when the off ramp from new Beltway 8 missed the land by 100 yards. Making access much worse and the property much lower in commercial value. The PASTERNAK Estates of Pearland were the original owners and owned the land for many years.

    Since 2007 the Southbelt has grown with businesses building new locations almost every month.

    Since 2007 there have been 5 floods/hurricanes that have effective the area. Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Harvey, Tax Day Flood, and Memorial Day Flood have all ravaged the South Belt. Yet the area continues to grow.

    In 2020 both Coastal Black and Coastal Yellow were rebuilt. The blue astro turf was removed and replaced with Yellow and Green Turf from U of H and Baylor. In 2020 Coastal Baseball Park hosted the Pecos League's entire season. Coastal's Black Field opened for the Summer of 2010 Season and has the Cincinnati Reds MLB outfield fence. It was resurfaced in 2014 Coastal Park has one of the only Batter's Eyes in Houston for great hitters visibility. (Nov 22, 2014 resurface black after hurricane), Coastal Blue Field was built in 2007 with field turf from the University of Arkansas.